Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013


Hey Guys,

Sorry for being absent for such a long time! I collected my latest Instagram posts for you here.

black & yellow

shirt : Zara
shoes : Tamaris
pants : Zara
jacket : Zara

my new Gucci sunnies

casual office outfit

chinos : H&M
belt : H&M
shoes : Zara
cardigan : Zara
blouse : H&M

think French!

jacket : Zara
shirt : Mango
skinny jeans : Esprit
heels : mer du sud

more icecream colors

jacket: H&M
skirt : Tommy Hilfiger
shirt : Mango
heels : Tamaris

new butterfly earrings from I am

playing with instagram apps

Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013

Sorbet Colors

Since the weather is so nice I love to wear my ice cream colors a lot. Actually I bought everyhting already last year  - except for the bracelets - when not everybody was wearing this kind of color style. I still like it a lot but when everybody is running around the same it bores me very quickly and I try to look different than the mass. When I was younger I didn't feel very confident to differentiate from my peers because I wanted to belong to the group. But becoming older and wiser (hahaha) I don't give a shxx anymore. I just wear what I like and don't care what others think.

What about you? Do you create your own trends or do you wait for a trend to hit the mass? 

how do you like my cat model? >*-*<

pants Esprit
jacket Zara
tee Hollister
flats Mango
watch Hello Kitty
bracelets Bijou Brigitte
ring H&M
bag Belmondo
lipstick Astor
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